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How To Install HubShop.ly for Shopify in 7 Easy Steps

Turning Your Ecommerce Cart Into a Customer Data Treasure Trove

The more you know about your ecommerce customers, the better you'll be able to create value for them in your products and your marketing. The more value you create for your customers, the more value they'll create for your ecommerce business through purchases. So collecting customer data is a win-win—you carry better products and have better targeting for your marketing, they get better solutions to their problems.

7 DOs and DON'Ts for Your Retargeting Campaigns

You already know how valuable an engaged audience can be. You build sales funnels because you know that getting someone to sign up for your email list or click on a social media post makes them that much more likely to buy. You know that businesses have a 60-70% chance of selling to existing customers, as opposed to just 5-20% for new prospects.

3 Ecommerce Metrics You Need to Be Tracking (But Probably Aren't)

You've got all the best and newest gadgets plugged into your site, and you're ready to take your ecommerce marketing into overdrive. There's just one problem: despite how loaded up on information you are, there are probably a few key metrics you're leaving out.

How to Get Qualified Traffic to Your Ecommerce Site - Part 4

Generating awareness via SEO, social media, paid advertising, etc. check.

Building interest with ad copy, headlines, and images that catch the eye and demonstrate value to your customers: check.

Guiding decisions with content that engages and informs consumers about the problem-solving/life-enriching potentials of your products: check.

Now there's just one step left in your ecommerce sales funnel: getting your prospects to take action.

How to Get Qualified Traffic to Your Ecommerce Site - Part 3

You've generated some awareness and built up interest. You've grown your audience and list of potential customers with eye-catching images and intriguing headlines for your blog posts and social media content, and snappy value-driven copy for your paid ads. Now you need to lead those interested visitors through the decision-making process so they're ready to take that final desired action: making a purchase.

How to Get Qualified Traffic to Your Ecommerce Site: Part 2

The first step in ecommerce sales is making your potential customers aware of your existence—getting on their screen through tactics like organic search optimization, paid search, social media, etc.

How to Get Qualified Traffic to Your Ecommerce Site: Part 1

You've got the products. You've got your shipping down to a science. You're ready to start selling, but you're missing one thing.


Can Blogging Help Your Ecommerce Business?


It used to be that every business with the slightest web presence had one going, and every marketer told you it was the number one way to riches. Then the contrarians came along and told you blogs were a complete waste of time, that the blogging space was too crowded, and that your customers didn't care.

So which is it?

How To Use HubSpot Deals with Your eCommerce Site