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HubShop.ly is Born

Posted by Ethan Giffin on Apr 12, 2016 5:04:13 PM

Being an entrepreneur and student in the field of online marketing for over 20 years, I’m always on the lookout for how to improve this ever-changing industry.

As I began to work alongside Shopify and HubSpot with our clients at Groove, I noticed there were limitations between the two platforms. Some apps could move order data. Some could automatically push the email addresses from Shopify over to HubSpot. But there was a need for a Shopify app that could track conversion activity and leverage the full power of HubSpot analytics.

So, our team at Groove began creating a wish list of the types of data we wanted to leverage. Then we began building a system that was scalable and could handle tens of thousands of transactions a day.

It took the efforts of our developers, our marketing team, and our HubSpot eCommerce consultants, but after working on our beta for four months, my first baby was born:

HubShop.ly for Shopify: THE Shopify integration for HubSpot


HubShop.ly for BigCommerce and Magento soon followed. Today, HubShop.ly for WooCommerce is in beta mode.

Since our launch in 2015, we’ve had more than 200 customers experience the power of HubShop.ly’s powerful integration with HubSpot. Combined with their knowledgeable marketing teams, our customers have seen incredible results:

To date, Groove clients using the HubSpot custom development application have seen an 18% increase in overall revenue, a 21% decrease in shopping cart abandonment, and a 10% increase in repeat purchase rate.

HubShop.ly In Action

Perlis is a southern style clothing supplier established in 1939. Perlis came to Groove as they wanted to ramp up their online store, but had little digital expertise. We quickly introduced the new e-tailer to HubShop.ly in order to automatically sync Perlis’ customer and order data for smarter reporting and customer segmentation.

HubShop.ly features help Perlis with:

  • Abandoned Shopping Cart: Perlis is able to capture all Magento cart abandonments in a HubSpot smart list. Then, recover these carts with a triggered, fully customizable email workflow. Cart recovery emails include pictures of the abandoned products, as well as a session restore link that allow Perlis customers to return to a pre-filled shopping cart in just one click.
  • Automated Emails and Workflows: Perlis now creates an unlimited amount of triggered emails to personalize messaging and increase the customer lifetime value. Automated workflows include a welcome series, cross-sells and upsells, post-purchase follow up, product review requests, and more.
  • Advanced Reporting and Customer Segmentation: Perlis fully syncs all customer and order data from Magento with HubSpot’s smart lists to gain valuable insights about its customers, including first and last order date, most recent order total, lifetime revenue, total number of orders, products purchased, and more. They can identify the most popular products with a number of options (color, pattern, etc.) that would be ideal for building a collection.

HubShop.ly has helped Perlis increase online revenue by 28%. Returning traffic to the site has increased 22% and in the first two quarters of 2015, the email and nurturing campaigns have doubled revenue from 2014.

What can HubShop.ly do for you? Whether you’re on Magento, BigCommerce, Shopify, or WooCommerce (coming soon!), HubShop.ly can help you drive more online revenue.