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How To Use HubSpot Deals with Your eCommerce Site

Posted by Ethan Giffin on May 25, 2016 10:34:10 AM


 We are excited to launch the addition of HubSpot Deals into HubShop.ly.  This will allow you to leverage the HubSpot CRM by seeing each individual order as a 'Closed Won Deal' and then report on Revenue using the HubSpot Reporting Add On.  

It's pretty simple to setup and get going today... But you are going to want to think about some configuration options.


  • Sales Pipeline - Which Sales Pipeline in the CRM do you want to assign Deals to?  If you treat online and offline seperately, then you may want to create an 'Online Orders' sales pipeline
  • Order Completed - Which deal status to you want to assign to completed orders?  Closed Won is a typical choice
  • Order Refunded - Where would you like to put orders that have been refunded?  Closed Lost is a typical choice here
  • Deal Type - You may want to create a custom deal type specific to online orders. If you have multiple online stores flowing into one HubSpot portal, you may want to create a deal type specific to each store
  • HubSpot User - Do you have a specific HubSpot user that handles your online orders? If so, then you may want to assign them here

We hope you enjoy it!  And as always, we love your feedback...


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