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How to Get Qualified Traffic to Your Ecommerce Site - Part 3

Posted by Ethan Giffin on Jun 23, 2016 9:00:00 AM

You've generated some awareness and built up interest. You've grown your audience and list of potential customers with eye-catching images and intriguing headlines for your blog posts and social media content, and snappy value-driven copy for your paid ads. Now you need to lead those interested visitors through the decision-making process so they're ready to take that final desired action: making a purchase.

Sales Funnel, Stage 3: Leading Customers to a Decision

Visitors who trust you before they visit your ecommerce site are much more likely to buy from you once they finally arrive at your webstore. As many as 61% of all ecommerce customers read product or company reviews before making a purchase. You can bet that they're also looking at other info produced by you and about you before they start adding items to their cart.


Content like blog posts, advertorials, and social media posts that show your product and/or expertise are a great way to exert more influence over the decision-making process. Once you've built up interest, the right content will direct that interest into the channels you select and give you an opportunity to build a strong relationship with your potential customers. This can happen offsite via social media posts, guest blogs, podcast interviews, and more, and it can be accomplished through your ecommerce site's non-sales content like blogs and testimonial videos.

You want them to make the decision to buy and then send them to your ecommerce storefront to select the perfect items.

Remember to focus your content on what your customers get, not what your product is. You're selling younger-looking skin, not wrinkle cream; worry-free convenience, not laundry detergent. Talk about how your product solves a problem and you'll see more sales. Place a call to action or two at key points in your content (multiple CTAs can lift conversions by 20% or more), but don't make everything a sales pitch. Deliver value in your content, and your products will practically sell themselves.

Pay-per-click ads that retarget people who have visited your site or are following you on social media can also be effective:


While paid advertising is also a good way to generate initial interest in your ecommerce brand, retargeting visitors who already have an interest is a good way to help them make a purchase decision. Only 5% of ecommerce customers purchase the first time they visit a site, on average; retargeting visitors can make the decision-making portion of your sales funnel more effective.

The goal of all of these Decision-stage tactics is to fully communicate the value of your product(s) to your customers. Show them how you'll solve their problems, help them feel more fulfilled, and make their lives easier. Be earnest and sincere, not sales-pitchy (and of course it helps to have products that will deliver on the value you promise).

After reading the great info you produce, who wouldn't decide to make a purchase?

Following Decision: The Final Step of the Ecommerce Sales Funnel

Once you've led your audience through the decision-making process, there's just one step left: Action. Making the sale, and seeing the funnel you've created payoff. As you might have guessed, it's a little bit easier said than done, so scope out the last installment of this blog series and learn how to get started with your funnel's final stage. 

Topics: Inbound Marketing, eCommerce