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How to Get Qualified Traffic to Your Ecommerce Site: Part 2

Posted by Ethan Giffin on Jun 21, 2016 9:30:00 AM

The first step in ecommerce sales is making your potential customers aware of your existence—getting on their screen through tactics like organic search optimization, paid search, social media, etc.

But you can't simply toss your brand name at them and hope for the best. Awareness only lasts a split-second, and our attention spans are growing shorter: according to Facebook, younger generations consume content (including advertising) 2.5x faster than the Baby Boomer generation.

If you don't capitalize on the brief instant of attention you get, the moment is wasted. That's why the second part of your sales funnel is all about building interest, starting with the very first impression you make on your customers.

Building Interest Through Clever Copy and Cool Images


You might only have a fraction of a second to start building interest, but the good news is that interest doesn't have to be much to start. Any mental activity that brings a prospect closer to you makes them subconsciously like and trust you even more. Every second they spend engaged with your content and your marketing outreach is another second their trust is growing and your esteem is rising.

So how can you stretch those seconds out, and hopefully get them to click on over to your product page, your blog post, your email opt-in, or wherever else you're trying to send them? The answer's simple: with catchy copy and images.

Maybe one of your "awareness" tactics is paying to promote a blog post to a targeted audience on social media. To turn that awareness into interest, you want to make sure you have an eye-catching image and a headline that excites and intrigues—something that will catch your target's eye as they scroll through their feed and that will make them want to learn more. Now they're not simply aware of you, they're truly interested in what you have to say.

There's a definite science to creating headlines that make people want to click. One analysis found that 79% of the web's most-shared stories packed some sort of shock value into the headline, and 67% reference a new or unknown concept. What you say in your post doesn't matter if no one's reading it, so learning how to craft headlines that build interest should be high on your list of priorities.

Similarly, you can boost your content's' views by 94% by adding relevant images, and you'll see more than double the engagement on Facebook when you include an image in your posts, paid or otherwise.

Paid ads are another good way for ecommerce businesses to generate awareness. Building interest with a paid ad requires stellar ad copy, especially if it's a text ad with no accompanying image. You need to communicate value that directly relates to your target customer's needs, and you've only got six or seven words to do it.

Whatever tactics you've chosen for the Awareness stage of your funnel, there are corresponding tactics for generating more interest. All of them are geared towards getting them interested in you when there are twenty other things vying for their attention, and the right words and images are always key.

What To Do With Your Newfound Interest

Once you have people interested, you need somewhere to send that interest. Chances are it will be to your website, where you can lead them through the decision-making process in a variety of ways. Check out the next installment of this blog series for the details! 

Topics: Inbound Marketing, eCommerce