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Can Blogging Help Your Ecommerce Business?

Posted by Ethan Giffin on May 26, 2016 8:00:00 AM


It used to be that every business with the slightest web presence had one going, and every marketer told you it was the number one way to riches. Then the contrarians came along and told you blogs were a complete waste of time, that the blogging space was too crowded, and that your customers didn't care.

So which is it?


The answer isn't as direct as you might like, but it's pretty simple. Blogging can be awesome if you do it right and terrible if you do it wrong.

Good blogging improves SEO and your search engine rankings, gives you a lot more original content to share via social media, captures your audience's attention, and builds trust and authority to grease the skids for easier sales.

Bad blogging weakens trust and authority, giving you an uphill battle with new customers and hurting your image everywhere you go online.

How do you know where your blog will fall?

Figuring Out if Blogging is Right for You

For blogging to actually be a boost to your business, it has to be high-quality original content, built around topics of interest to your customers (and keywords your customers are searching). You have to research your customers and your blog topics, find interesting facts and statistics to share, take time to develop your own analyses and insights, and then write it all up in an engaging tone.

And you may have to do it for awhile before you start seeing results.

Blogging for your business is a real commitment, in other words. If you don't want to put in the time to do it right, it's best not to invest in a blog at all. Put your energy towards other marketing channels where you know you can stick to it through the long haul.

You can also hire a professional copywriter or blogging service to handle your blog for you. Beware of budget services, and check out some samples first. Whether you write it yourself or hire someone else, your blog needs to check all the same boxes on quality, originality, and keyword focus. If you're paying someone, make sure they have the skills and experience you need.

To Blog or Not to Blog is NOT the Question

So the real question is, are you willing to invest the time and/or money it takes to build a consistently awesome blog? Are you ready to keep tweaking your headlines, finding new stories to tell, new information to provide, and new places to push your content and acquire new customers?

If so, the payoff will definitely be worthwhile in the long run. If not, that's OK, just acknowledge that it's not the right tactic for you. Seek out other ways to drive traffic and convert your visitors to customers, and build your ecommerce empire another way.

Whether you decide to ramp up your blogging or set it aside, we can help your digital marketing run smoothly! Click here to learn more about integrating and automating your marketing.