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5 Proven Email Strategies for Ecommerce

Posted by Ethan Giffin on May 19, 2016 8:00:00 AM

Email marketing works.

Dollar for dollar, email marketing can return a bigger return for your ecommerce business than practically anything else—an average of $38 back for every $1 spent.

But it takes more than simply sending emails. You have to send the right emails, at the right time, to turn your audience into customers and your customers into repeat buyers.

Each email needs awesome copy—typically kept to 250 words at the absolute max—an eye-catching image, and a strong call to action, but it doesn't end there. For maximum effect, you need to craft and send emails that speak to specific points in the customer lifecycle.

You can still send emails with special deals, new product releases, and the like, but you’ll really see your sales soar by adding the following email strategies to your repertoire.


Start your email campaigns from the moment of first contact, whether or not a purchase is made. If you have a regular email list and a strong opt-in funnel (both of which you need), make sure you have a set of emails ready to welcome people right when they sign up.

Start with an immediate confirmation email that thanks them for signing up, demonstrates the value your emails will be providing, and invites them to check out your site. NO SALES PITCHES! These emails are about delivering value, not trying to cash in.

Follow up a few days later, and another about a week after that. You want to encourage real engagement, not be forgotten right after your audience signs up.

Abandoned Cart Emails

You know all too well how frequent abandoned carts are. An email a minute or two after the abandonment asking if something went wrong or if they need assistance—without getting pushy—is a great customer service move that can push people into completing the purchase.

A reminder about items remaining in a cart a few days after abandonment can also help close the deal.

Follow-Up Emails

After a purchase, send an immediate confirmation, and be sure to express genuine gratitude for the order. Send another email when the product ships (or if there's any unexpected delay, in which case consider adding a discount on the next order), and a few days after the shipment arrives on their door.

Ask for feedback, and send a personal reply to any responses you receive.

Loyalty Emails

Long-time and high-value customers are your ecommerce business’s best friend. Each time they buy, your cost of acquisition goes up and your profit margin goes down. They become easier and easier to sell to and more likely to generate referral business, becoming evangelists for your brand.

So don't ignore them in your emails!

Send out special loyalty emails to your best customers once a month or so, offering special deals, special insights, and special thank yous. Make them feel special and you'll get especially good returns.

We've Missed You Emails

On the other end of the spectrum are customers who joined your audience, maybe purchased once or twice, but haven't been back in awhile. Create an email campaign targeting customers who haven't visited in three months or so, encouraging them with limited-time deals, enticing them with new products, and engaging them with genuine requests for feedback.

All of these emails can be set up as an automated campaign and integrated with your existing website tracking software to go out at the perfect time for each individual customer. To learn more about integrating your marketing, see what we can help you with here!